Howdy, I'm Dennis

I am an aspiring artist & blogger.


More About Me

I think you'll find I'm an interesting guy.

What's up!

I am autistic, a brony, and a furry. No, I don't care what anyone thinks about that. I don't play "dress-up" and wear fursuits though.

My birth name is David Matthew Coleman, although I plan to change it to Dennis Matthew Wolf. I love my family, but I want a name that sticks. I aspire to make a name for myself as a professional photographer, videographer, and digital artist. I plan to attend the local community college right here in my hometown of Austin, Texas.

I'm saving my money for a Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia. Once acquired, I will build it into the ultimate overlanding rig! I will live in it full-time and travel part-time throughout the year. I will share my adventures on my blog.

I've Got Some skills.

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My Career.

November 2017 - Present

Wolfhead Studios

Founder & Blogger

I run Wolfhead Studios, the blog where I discuss the many subjects that interest me.

June 2016 - June 2017

Pecach Pictures

Front-end Developer

I designed the website for Pecach Pictures.


Look What I've Made!

I'm miledly skilled in photography and graphic design.

Vanagon Westfalia

Graphic Design

Dennis Wolf Poster

Graphic Design

Dennis Wolf


Photo taken by Scott W. Coleman

Dennis Wolf Logo

Graphic Design

Dennis Side Profile


Dennis Skull Mascot

Graphic Design

Wolfhead Studios Social Media Banner (Plaid)

Graphic Design

Wolfhead Studios Social Media Banner (Asphalt)

Graphic Design

My name is outdated...

What My Friends Say.

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Ryan Coleman Brother
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Scott W. Coleman Father, Professional Photographer


Latest from the Blog.

Wolfhead Studios — Bred for Adventure.

Long-Haul Trucking

If van-life doesn’t work out, whether because I am unable to find a way to make money on the road, or otherwise; I have a fallback plan in mind. I will soon have a driver’s license, and once I get a vehicle, I will begin driving for DoorDash.

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